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Scuba diving & Sailing

23/08/2013 17:42:46

Scuba diving & Sailing

Lake Ohrid has a dramatic drop-off at its tectonic shelf, which is worth exploring, and there is also a Neolithic stilt village which can be accessed with special permission. In Lake Ohrid, also known as a fresh-water sea, very attractive are the endemic forms of life, such as the Ohrid round sponge living at the depth of 35 meters, the number of underwater pre-historical settlements and the fish in the rocky parts from Gradiste to Trpejca.

Learn to dive in a simple and interesting way following the program and standards of Scuba Schools International and acquire internationally recognized certificate for diving.

Also, sailing is available in Macedonia on the Ohrid and Prespa Lake. Sailing as a recreational activity and relaxing water sport is also very popular in Macedonia. The local sailing clubs will make your sailing trip in Macedonia unforgetable. The fans of this sport can get enormous amusement by sailing through the Macedonian lakes, enjoying both pleasures, of the sport and of the nature. 

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