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First name: Maja
Last name: Jancevska



19/11/2013 20:37:24


The living place is often disputed as one of the main concerns to every active student. Often, a lot of students come from the outside of the city they study, so it is quite important to settle and begin the life in a comfortable housing.

There are various kinds of individuals, which characteristics are constructed mainly trough the culture from the place they come from. Some of the students prefer to share their rooms and housing with another ones, no matter are they close friends or new-met colleagues. The conditions which the private housing are offering are somehow different than the campuses. You can have your own privacy, you can choose your own meal, and also you are free to plan the daily activities more effectively. On the other side, there is a lack of certain companion, interactivity and friends meeting on daily basis, which are strong part of the campus live.

At the end, the decision about the living place is determinated mainly by the money budget which the student has in order to complete its university activities.

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