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LFC contest / #7 VMU / VMU students took part in international Business and Economics Summer School 2013 in Riga

25/08/2013 21:30:05

LFC contest / #7 VMU / VMU students took part in international Business and Economics Summer School 2013 in Riga

From July 15th-19th 2013 three VMU students (Phd student Evelina Gulbovaite, Master student Dovile Arvaseviciute and Bachelor student Dziugas Petruskevicius) participated in international Business and Economics Summer School 2013 hosted by Faculty of Economics and Management of University of Latvia. Summer school is organized annually by Campus Europae every time in different partner university. After success of the first summer school in University of Aveiro in Portugal, this year Riga and University of Latvia hosted 18 students from Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, Finland, Russia and Latvia.

Innovation is recognized as the main driving force of economic growth, and a key issue in the competition within a globalized economy. Comprehension of the innovative processes mechanisms, of the factors underlying successful innovative initiatives, and of the dynamic forces which operate both at the firm, and at the economic system level, is a necessary component of professional capabilities in many private and public organizations. As we all know first and second cycle university courses don’t usually give a sufficiently deep insight into such phenomena, which invoke interdisciplinary approaches. Besides, innovative activities are highly sensitive to the economic and institutional environment. Firms’ behavior is affected by market, industrial, and scientific policies at EU, national, and regional level. International cooperation at the European level on the educational ground can thus link theoretical training on such themes with practical insights on different environments and policies.

Participants of the International Summer School in Riga

According to the organisers the aim of the Summer School is to exploit the well consolidated academic network of Campus Europae in order to advance the cooperation among the associated universities, by organizing a high quality summer school open to students from all the partner institutions.

Main focus of this year’s summer school was – economics and management of innovation: overcoming economic crisis and its social consequences. Since the topic is current in the whole of Europe and it impacts numerous fields and sectors, students also were from different level of studies – undergraduate, postgraduate and even doctoral students. Guest lecturers of summer school represented University of Aveiro in Portugal, Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania, Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia, University of Alcala D’Henares in Spain, Aalborg University in Denmark, Lodz Technical University in Poland and University of Latvia.

Activities during this summer school included a mixture of teaching methods, as a tool to merge a thorough understanding of theoretical issues related to innovation with the ability to apply them in real life situations. Besides traditional lectures, students were involved in group activities (simulation game, case study and reporting), and were put in direct contact with successful innovative initiatives. In the end of summer school field trip to local food processing plant „Spilva” Ltd was planned. After lectures international students and lecturers had the opportunity to get to know city of Riga and University of Latvia in excursions and other activities.



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