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LFC Contest / #4 VMU / Lithuanin Diaspora becomes more important part of VMU lifestyle

23/08/2013 19:53:17

LFC Contest / #4 VMU / Lithuanin Diaspora becomes more important part of VMU lifestyle

Vytautas Magnus University devotes special attention not just to international activities but also to Lithuanian Diaspora, which is historically meaningful part of our university. Students with lithuanian roots become more more important part of Vytautas Magnus University lifestyle.

People who decide to leave Lithuania are still a frequent topic of conversation, whereas those who come back here, especially to study, are rarely discussed. Looking to ensure that more emigrants would return to their homeland, VMU has founded a special scholarship for members of the Lithuanian Diaspora who choose to pursue their education in Lithuania.

The founder of the scholarship, Vytautas Magnus University, was re-established in 1989 thanks to the joint efforts of Lithuanian and Diaspora scientists. Aspiring to become the academic centre of Lithuanians all around the world, VMU has launched a new project, Lithuanian Diaspora University, which aims to foster collaboration and creative exchange between scientists and students from Lithuania and other corners of the world, to unite the Lithuanian Diaspora and to attract everyone interested in modern Lithuania, its daily life, traditions and culture.

According to the VMU Vice-Rector for Studies, Assoc. Prof. Kęstutis Šidlauskas, the Lithuanian Diaspora University draws focus on students who were born or have spent some time living abroad. “VMU has been providing support to the students for a long time. In this case, the support is necessary because these young people cannot compete as equals with those who were born and became educated in Lithuania, at the very least because they are not as fluent in the Lithuanian language. Also, it is no secret that the general education level in Lithuania is different from other countries”, Assoc. Prof. Šidlauskas noted.

The VMU Lithuanian Diaspora Scholarship may be awarded to the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of exiles and foreigners of Lithuanian descent who have lived abroad for no less than 3 years, started studying in the eighth grade or lower upon their arrival to Lithuania, and have been admitted to the university’s first cycle (bachelor) or integrated studies in 2013.

The aforementioned terms correspond with the scholarships provided by the Lithuanian government to the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Diaspora and Lithuanian-origin foreigners who study at Lithuanian higher education schools. The procedure of awarding the scholarships is also determined in accordance with the Law on Science and Studies of the Republic of Lithuania, which specifies that the graduates of general education schools in Lithuania who are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of emigrants or foreigners of Lithuanian origin receive 2 additional points for their competition score, which is calculated according to the procedure of determining the order of the best graduates of the general education program.

“Aside from the Lithuanian Diaspora Scholarship, VMU students can simultaneously receive several kinds of scholarships founded by the university, the Republic of Lithuania or private persons and foundations. The university uses this support as encouragement for the students to learn, strive for academic heights, actively participate in the community of the university, and represent it in Lithuania and abroad in the fields of science, arts, sports, and public work”, Vice-Rector explained.

The university’s goal of creating favourable conditions for studies by encouraging, sponsoring and providing support to students is one of the ways VMU has been fulfilling its mission as a socially responsible university, which it has consistently sought to be in its practical activities ever since re-establishment in 1989.

From 26 August until 30 September, the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the Diaspora and people of Lithuanian origin may request support of the State Studies Foundation.

Higher education students who meet the aforementioned requirements may receive two kinds of financial support: a scholarship and/or social payment. The support is allocated in the form of half-yearly competitions for the autumn and spring semesters.

The Diaspora and Lithuanian-origin foreigners studying at Lithuanian higher education schools may request state support for the 2013 autumn semester by registering on the website of State Studies Foundation, filling in the application and sending the required documents by mail or delivering them to the State Studies Foundation until 30 September. The required documents must confirm the applicant’s social status and his Lithuanian origin or identity as a Diaspora member.

The selected applicants will be informed by e-mail. More information about the support is provided by phone at (+370 5) 263 9158 and on the website of the State Studies Foundation.



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