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LFC Contest / #5 VMU / Prof. V.Darskuviene - "VMU offers exceptional opportunities for students of Finance and Banking "

25/08/2013 18:56:16

LFC Contest / #5 VMU / Prof. V.Darskuviene -

Prof. Valdone Darskuviene is currently a coordinator of a programme Finance and Banking within Faculty of Economics and Management, Vytautas Magnus University. She is also Vice Dean for International Relations in our faculty.

The education field is full of the prospect of change and reform. Ms. Valdone is helping to pioneer the way the new face of education could look by providing alternative programs that address student-specific needs obtaining excellence in education.

Tell us more about programme objectives and competencies acquired.

Pof. V. Darskuviene: The main objective of this Finance and Banking programme is to train qualified specialists in finance and banking – Masters in Finance, who have assimilated modern theories and methods in financial management, have systematic approach to macroeconomic processes and financial management at micro level, are able to analyze and to evaluate critically the processes on-going in the financial system and in business structures, to keep abreast of scientific and practical innovations in the finance field and to apply them in the professional activities.

After finishing this programme students the will acquire a lot of useful competencies: to analyze and to evaluate indepen­dently and critically the processes, on-going in the overall financial system and in its‘ different sectors; to apply modern financial manage­ment instruments and methods in practice; to make the decisions on the management of financial resources in various busi­ness firms and institutions; to apply the financial risk manage­ment methods and tools in practice; to analyze and to understand the investment environment; to understand the processes and the factors influencing strategic finance management decisions.

What are the main career opportunities for graduates of this programme?

Pof. V. Darskuviene: Graduates of Finance and Banking programme will be able to work as: financial specialists in the firms with different business profile, in banks and other financial institutions; financial consultants in audit, business consultancy firms; financial specialists, advisors, experts in government and municipality institutions; instructors, lecturers in economics and finance in Lithuanian universities and colleges.

Graduates of Finance and Banking may also continue studies in PhD studies in economics or management.

What are the access requirements for prospect students?

Pof. V. Darskuviene: Applicants for Finance and Banking programme should have a bachelor or equivalent degree in social sciences. Prerequisite subjects include*: Microeco­nomics (6 ECTS); Macroeconomics (6 ECTS); Financial Accounting (6 ECTS); Public Finance (6 ECTS); Introduction to Banking (6 ECTS); Statistics (6 ECTS); Econometrics (6 ECTS). Applicants to this programme from other universities have to pass the English language profficiency test.

*The programme of complementary studies (12-18 ECTS) is proposed for the students who did not take the prerequisite subjects. The programme of comple­mentary studies is completed together with bachelor students during the first two semesters.

What is the key oneness of this programme?

Pof. V. Darskuviene: Programme of Finance and Banking is exclusive because it is also a Double Degree MSc Programme with Louvain Catholic University, Louvain School of Management. Selected students have the opportunity to spend the first year in Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania and the second year in Louvain Catholic University, Belgium.


In Closing

Is there anything else you can tell us about yourself, your career, or the profession that would be interesting or helpful to others aspiring to enter and succeed in the field?

Pof. V. Darskuviene: The position of programme coordinator is challenging, but it's a highly-rewarding career. I can regularly see the benefit to others that my work is doing; there just isn't any other feeling like that. Helping others to reach excellence in education is a part of my job description and there just isn't anything more satisfying than that.



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