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Every Individual Has a Moment in Spot-Light(1)

21/04/2012 20:10:59

Every Individual Has a Moment in Spot-Light(1)

The excellence of a school does not only come from its research level or high-status alumini, it also comes from the soft strength of people in the school. Wuhan University has launched an acitivity to encourage students to discover the greatness inside "small people" around us, they can be the dormitory adminitrator Uncle LI, or the Madam who sells fruits near the canteen. The result of the activity is surprising because we realized that there are so many shining points in the people we see every day but would never really get to know.

Here are some of the most inspiring people that elected by students:

1.Two generations of the film projectionist -XIAO Congwen and YU Shiping

There's one tradition in WHU: watching the free open-air movie at each Friday evening and night. That's one of the students' favorite moment in a week.

M. XIAO has been a film projectionist for around 50 years, no matter how hard the situation was, he never left this position, because he loves movie and loves the moment when students share the joyful moment together.

Sometimes it rains, sometimes the mosquitos bite in summer night, but the students always come for the films, this became not just watching movies, but also a memory of school life and of their youth, which can never be back after graduated.

The successor of M. XIAO is M.YU. He has took hands of this work for 20 years. Obviously this is a very boring work for many people, but Uncle YU never quitted it. When asked why not change a jod, Uncle YU said:"I know how meaningful it is to project films for students."

YU grow up watching the film projected in Wuhan University because his father works here,he was appointted to be the new projectionist after he got the licences of film projection 20 years ago. Then, one film and another passed by, 20 years passed.

They are the ryes of the film in WHU, but who can be the next projectionist is still undefined.

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