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President of WHU and Delegation Visits Germany and France to Recruit Talents

24/05/2012 20:35:29

President of WHU and Delegation Visits Germany and France to Recruit Talents


From May 5 to May 12, a Wuhan University (WHU) delegation led by President Li Xiaohong paid a visit to Germany and France to recruit scholars, leading to increased interest in WHU from the overseas academic community. 

The recruitment fairs, held in Munich and Paris, attracted over 200 foreign scholars in Europe. Dai Jiqiang, the Chinese Consul to Munich, and Dai Tianhua, the First Secretary Chinese Embassy to France Office of Education Service, were present at the fairs and delivered remarks. In his keynote speech, President Li Xiaohong introduced WHU’s strength across various disciplines, its rigorous academic environment, geographic advantages and modern facilities. He expressed his hope that more foreign scholars and overseas alumni could come to WHU and contribute to WHU’s development.

Gong Jianya, Director of WHU’s State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing and a fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Chang, Head of WHU’s College of Physics and Technology, and Zhou Xiang, Head of the College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences introduced the openings for scientists and engineers in their respective field. Zhao Longfei, Vice Director of WHU’s Department of Personnel, gave a detailed introduction to WHU’s development as well as its policies on cultivating talent.

During the visit, President Li Xiaohong also met with outstanding scholars from European universities and institutions including University of Munich, Technical University of Munich, University of Stuttgart, Berlin Institute of Technology, French Academy of Sciences, École Polytechnique, École Normale Supérieure, Université de Paris I, Ⅵ, Ⅶ, Ⅺ, ⅩⅢ, who showed a great interest in WHU. Over 50 scholars expressed their desire to work at WHU and 20 of them will be introduced through the “State One Thousand Talents Project” and other national or provincial special projects.

In recent years, WHU has attached great importance to overseas recruitment. For example, in March 2012, Vice President Li Qingquan led a WHU delegation to Japan and the United States for recruitment. The Department of Personnel and WHU colleges have also made great efforts to attract overseas scholars and experts.

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