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Overview of International Cooperation

31/05/2012 18:45:32

Overview of International Cooperation


Burgeoning are the international exchanges of Wuhan University. It has developed cooperative and exchange associations with over 350 universities and research institutions in more than 40 countries and regions, and signed long-term cooperative agreements with 200 of them. Each year it welcomes over 3,000 overseas visitors for academic visit and exchange, hosts 30 international and Cross-Strait conferences, invites over 100 long-term foreign experts and 500 short-term foreign experts for teaching and lectures. Each year more than 1,000 faculty members travel overseas for academic conferences and exchange. Wuhan University has opened a number of international joint education classes and built more than 10 international joint labs and research centers.

Now Wuhan University is endeavoring to shape itself into a world-class comprehensive research university domestically and internationally.

More information about international exchange and cooperation, please visit:

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