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Head of the law department - dr. Ljerka MIntas - Hodak!

29/02/2012 14:30:42

Head of the law department - dr. Ljerka MIntas - Hodak!

The Law Department, within its courses, provides opportunities for acquiring knowledge in modern economics of the relevant areas of law, giving the basic theoretical insight, but at the same time giving a strong emphasis on practical application of legal knowledge. The Law Department in its undergraduate program is teaching the following courses as obligatory: Fundamentals of Law (1st year - summer semester), Principles of Commercial Law (2nd year - summer semester), the Legal Environment of Business (3rd year - winter semester) and Introduction to the European Union (4th year - winter semester). 

Dr. Ljerka Mintas Hodak -Born in 1952 in Zagreb, graduated, M.A. and Ph.D at the Law Faculty in Zagreb.  She has published dozens of scientific papers in the field of maritime law until 1996. From 1995-2003 she was engaged in active politics and less writing. She was the first Minister of European intergrations (1997-2000), established the Office for European Integrations and edited the book "Plan of Integration Activities." 

2004 edited the first Croatian textbook on the EU from a group of authors, amoung whom she had written two: "The history of European Integration" and "Institutions of the European Union." Developed a 30-hour semester: Introduction to the EU, which is the third year of teaching at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

2003 organized a one day seminar "The European Union and Croatia, to continue?" at ZSEM which  attended six prominent local experts.

I am really proud to have such a professor and I must say she is one of my favorites! laugh

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