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Startup Weekend Zagreb

23/11/2013 14:37:00

Startup Weekend Zagreb

Startup Weekend Zagreb is a really fascinating and interesting event that takes place two times a year on Zagreb School of Economics and Management. It's a public event open to anyone who has the will and the idea to show to the world.

The event takes three days, and in that time future and present entrepreneurs engage in intense business plan creation guided by successful professionals from Zagreb and other places in Croatia, for any kind of help that is needed in order for the plan to be viable and developed.


Picture 1. Startup Weekend Zagreb 2013.


The event as already said consists of three days:


Friday; First thing that needs to be done is for the participants to register after which comes the opening ceremony, idea presentation and after it the voting for the best idea on which the teams are formed for the upcoming days.


Saturday; After the participants have arrived, they enjoy a simple breakfast with coffee or any other drink. The "Battle" begins here: everyone places themselves in arranged rooms with their teams and meet the mentors who help them with incoming questions or any other ambiguities. The development of the plan is lasting till late in the night, depending of the stage in which the plan is.


Sunday; Same as Saturday but this time the teams have to also work on their pitch presentations, as they are one of the important things for presenting the work done. In the afternoon is the deadline for submitting their presentations and prepare themselves for the step ahead: convincing the judges that their idea is THE idea. Judges decide on the best presentations and announce the winner.


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