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New generation!

12/09/2013 12:51:38

New generation!

Three days ago a new academic year has started!
It was very melancholic for me because, for the first time I have sensed that my end came very close, since I'm right now doing my fourth year on this business school.
Many memories have gone through my mind, remembering all the good things that happened to me during those 3 hard working years! There were ups and downs as in everything in life, but the person tends to focus on the thrilling and good things that cross it's path on the way to the to it's goal.
I remember my first day on ZSEM. Everything was new to me: the students, professors, the surrounding, the city! I was afraid that I will loose myself in the process and that I will have a hard time to get along with the  unknown! The main reason for it was the thing that most of the people knew each other from high school or any other hangouts! 
I remember the silence that occurred when the first class began and the math professor entered the classroom! It was interesting to see the diversity of people in that very room! There were students from different parts of Croatia, and not only Croatia but Bosnia and Herzegovina also and everyone was starring at eachother trying to find a friendly face.
Those were the moments when I thought to myself things like; Oh god what have I gotten myself into??!! Is this the right thing for me??
I am sure the new generation feels like this also! The fear of the unknown!
But i learned back then that we should only fear, the fear itself!
ZSEM proved to me that we should not be afraid of the things that we are not used to, and the things that are not common, but embrace them and make them worth!
I made friends for life there! I got to know the best teachers there are! I found myself in economics and the changing business world!
I wish all the new generations good luck and hope they will see in this school what I saw!

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